Hollywood story: Siam, Khmer, Tony Jaa and Jackie Chan

It sounds too good to be true – Tony Jaa and Jackie Chan in the same movie? But what of the set, the plot and the characters?

But then Jaa is a Thai super-hero, but Thailand, a joke?

That is right, Chan just said if not because Tony had other commitments, the latest Rush Hour movie would have had the Thai action star kicking people left and right. “He is one of the best action heroes at the moment,” said Jackie.

“I am interested in a Hollywood movie, but it must be right,” said Jaa this week. But he is a really sensitive action hero who is very unpredictable.

Tony into Khmer?

Thailand or Siam relations with Cambodia of Khmer have soured in recent days.

But watching Jaa’s latest movie Ong Bak II you might think it is about the Khmer Empire, judging by all the Khmer Empire Deco. In the movie, Jaa fights against an evil totalitarian dictator-like regime, of ancient times.

Thailand now under totaritarianism?

But then Jaa is a Thai, and Thailand is now split between “total” nationalism and and liberal thoughts like justice and democracy. While Tony likes the “I am going to save something” type of movie, in this case, if the movie is made in Thailand, what is it that he is going to save?

Well, the current right wing nationalistic government has a track record of giving funds to movies that will build up Thai nationalistic fervor – like successive epics about the Thai-Burmese struggle. But will Jaa go for that?

What does Jackie Chan fight for?

Chan is from Hong Kong as with most super-heroes from Hong Kong, he is fighting either the bad ass “Totalitarianism Evil Empire Something” or some crooked crook.

Movie set wise, having Cambodia as a set may be as bad as having Thailand as a set because Cambodia’s government just canned its armed forces boss. Also, its relations with Thailand are not so hot at the moment. The Thai press is already saying the end is near for Cambodian leader Hun Sen’s term.

So it looks likely that if and when Jaa and Chan get together to make a super-hero movie, the set will likely be out of Thailand and also Cambodia. The movie will probably be in the US with some Hong Kong or China connection.

Popular culture and Hollywood movies?

Knowing how the globe’s popular culture sees Thais as a joke these days, maybe Tony will have to take on the role of the super-bad-guy with Chan playing the good guy.

But still, it sounds too good to be true -Tony Jar and Jackie Chan in the same movie! Hope Hollywood can help entertain us poor depressed Thais with an inspirational script.

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